Skincare Model with YoungerSkin Product Bottel and Avocado

The idea which led to Younger Skin began in early 2022 when its founders discovered that less can in fact be more – even when it comes to a great skincare routine. Today, awareness has grown regarding the harmful effects of chemicals and substances such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and even carcinogens that are often found in personal care products.

To solve this dilemma, both founders set out with the goal of providing high quality, naturally-inspired and trustworthy skincare products – all with minimalistic and transparent formulas. And so the creation process began. After working extensively with a premier cosmetic chemist in Miami, Florida, Younger Skin was on its way to solving this problem. However, the team wanted to create something truly unique - something that embraced their diverse international backgrounds and appreciation of nature. And that’s when it was decided to carefully source select natural oils and extracts from specific regions in the world that benefit your skin.

During the creation of their first product – the Avocado Anti-Aging Serum, a motto was born: “science meets nature”.

At Younger Skin, our promise is to provide you with the best of both worlds: clean, minimalistic skincare formulas with scientifically proven ingredients while infusing each of our products with nature’s bounty and connecting you with the world.